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  • Land Use-Text Amendment To A Land Use Plan For The Town Of Sugar Creek 2010 Download
  • Lauderdale Lakes-Ordinance To Establish A Procedure For Enforcement By Citation Download
  • Lauderdale Lakes-An Ordinance To Amend Section IX Within Ordinance 2008-02 Download
  • Lauderdale Lakes-Ordinance To Regulate Water Traffic, Boating And Water Sports Upon The Waters Of La Download
  • Lauderdale Lakes-Ordinance To Repeal and Re-Create Ordinance numbers 2018-03 To Regulate Wharfs, Piers And Mooring Facilities And Establish A Pier Head For Lauderdale Lakes Download
  • Lauderdale Lakes-Ordinance To Repeal And Re-Create Ordinance Numbers 2009-05 And 2017-2 To Regulate Download
  • Ordinance Book-Table of Contents Download
  • Property-Citations Ordinance Download
  • Property-Fire Protectin Charges - DUE Special Charges Download
  • Property-Ordinance For Placement Of Address Signs Download
  • Property-Public Nuisance Ordinance Download
  • Property-Resolution-Noxious Weeds Download
  • Property-Sky Lantern Ordinance Download
  • Property-Unsightly Debris Ordinance Download
  • Property-Wild and Excessive Growth-Overgrown Lawn and Grasses Download