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  • Millard Cemetery-Ordinance 2023-01 Town Cemetery Ordinance Download
  • Millard Cemetery - Resolution 2023-02 Download
  • Alcohol-Nudity Control Ordinance Download
  • Alcohol-Ordinance Concerning The Fees For The Sale Of Cigarettes Download
  • Alcohol-Ordinance To Regulate The Sale And Consumption Of Alcohol Beverages Download
  • Alcohol-Resolution 2022-01-Operator's License Fees Download
  • Alcohol-Revocation and Suspension of Liquor Licenses Due To Non-Use, Non-Renewal Download
  • Building Permit Fees Download
  • Building-Adoption of SPS 316 State of Wisconsin Electric Code Download
  • Building-Construction Site Erosion Sediment Control Ordinance Download
  • Building-Fee Schedule Download
  • Building-Ordinance For Adoption of Wisconsin Building and Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Download
  • Building-Ordinance to Establish Building Codes Download
  • Building-Resolution Authorizing Sugar Creek To Issue Erosion Control Permits Download
  • Dog Ordinance Download